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i woke up this morning going wtf?!?!?!?!? i'd just had the weirdest…

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i woke up this morning going wtf?!?!?!?!? i'd just had the weirdest dream ever...kinky....and very very strange. and when i woke up, the front of the roof of my mouth was all sore...weird...

melissah (who not suprisingly was involved, as i'd just spent the 7 hours before going to bed in the company of), connie, some other randoms who i knew but can't recall now, and i were all in a class - a blowjob class. and our teachers were...ashley and kelly!!! well, its not suprising kelly was in it either, as we were hanging out together a bit last night too. but ashley and kelly are the last people in the world i would have expected to be walking around amongst us saying "less teeth", or "open the back of your throat"!!! i mean ashley and kelly may be nearly 20, but still, they're not exactly the type you expect to be running a blowjob class!!!

anyway, another weird subconscious thing. our test subjects were all protectors of mine from concerts - the nice guys who protected me in moshes. nice random, one-night friends (not that kindof friends - well, MOSTLY not that kindof friends). these guys helped me and looked out for me for nothing in return - maybe this is a karmic payback? how...strange. i think my subconscious is telling me to go out and get some action. hmmm....

im not going to be able to look at kelly and ashley the same tho...
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On February 27th, 2006 05:45 am (UTC), x_sofa_x commented:
the last dream i had was everyone was bleeding out of their ears and eyes...like all my friends ... and then j.v.p was in my bedroom and with his bleeding ears and eyes he pointed at my window with a possessed look on his face...it was kinda creepy....

haha our school says that this lj is likely to have 90% prohibited content!! heehee
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