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...::::What · Kat's · Do · Behind · Closed · Doors::::...

apparently, according to this journal, what Kat's do behind closed…

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apparently, according to this journal, what Kat's do behind closed doors is...nothing. nothing since christmas. well sorry guys, but i kinda forgot about my lj, and as a journal its relatively useless. most of the shit thats been happening is stuff id rather not have on public access.

anyway, the tame version: hockeys been lotsof fun, and im rego'ing for the grass comp on heidi's team (i love heidi), and school has been...er...crap. basically crap. things are a bit better now, but overall it sucks. they're going psycho on "your future" in bio, drama's fun, in music im bored out of my mind - im doing music 1 and im...regretting it? the whole class knows fucking nothing! god! ino its not their fault, but it sucks im not theory enuf for music 2. meh watever. swimming carnival was cool - i played cupid and ran round in a green fairy skirt blowing bubbles at ppl, hugging randoms and giving them little valentines day notes with funny, cute (or seedy) little letters! was good fun! meh, anyway, ive got homework to do.

love you all
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On February 18th, 2006 10:52 am (UTC), imakehamburgers commented:
haha its a penguin.
will you friend me?
cheers dan.
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On February 19th, 2006 04:35 am (UTC), x_sofa_x replied:

dan no one wants to friend you....=P

sorry that was mean.....

did you fix up hockey? <kat?
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