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oh god. remind me never again to drink on an empty stomach, when im…

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oh god. remind me never again to drink on an empty stomach, when im on antibiotics. bleghhhhh

i think full disclosure is a good policy. rules out blackmail and embarassment. anyway, i did nothing TOO bad (just funny)

things i can remeber:

- the ground. i fell over...alot.
- diving through fences...alot.
- wandering around without a shirt with connie, looking for cows to tip.
- trying to get over the pipe as usual, but missing the jump-step, and just plain running into it. that hurt, but we got over them by rolling up onto it, and off again, and repeating the process.
- chucking behind a tree (eww grossssssss)
- sober hokey pokey - drunk hokey pokey

things i CANT remeber:

- singing about gremlins(?) or leprechauns(?) while without shirt
- repeatedly testing my conductivity and that of the fence
- exactly what happened to all the candy - i cant remeber anyone eating any of it! damn, i was looking forward to snacking!!
- if heime and emma hooked up - someone tell me...did they? emma? if so, was he any good?
- what happened to the bottles. i really really REALLY hope somebody threw them very VERY far. my folks wouldnt believe my candy alibi then...
- whether i made out with anneliese...u guys nearly had me convinced! i had too many blank spots. i was appalled...wouldnt i have remebered that? but i did kiss alot of cheeks...hmmm
- saying something about it being "better me than you" to lexi when i came back in the tent after barfing up recess.

did i miss anything? by all means, chip in.
i wanna hear how everyone elses night was? MINE WAS FRIGGING AWESOMELY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and sorry i was such a shitty hostess in the morning guys, i couldnt stand up without extreme nausea. i hope rage was entertaining enough bc me tapdancing while nauseaous would be disasterous.
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On March 26th, 2006 05:14 am (UTC), spondonicle commented:
No lying! Me lie? Never! Where did I lie?

And we didn't swap spit. I would have remembered, I wasn't that off my face. :P Unlike some.
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On March 26th, 2006 06:32 am (UTC), cyanide_dove commented:
ooooh u lied to goose on the forum! he told me:P u naughty naughty girl, and u were too as gone as me...ok maybe not as much as me, but u were still pretty shitted. what else did i do? what did YOU do?
and what about emma and heime? god heimes a frigging legend! he stopped me collapsing multiple times!
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On March 26th, 2006 09:53 am (UTC), gus1001 replied:
i like the expression, shitted...
i wish i had been there!!! it sounds like it was heaps of fun.
when you are writing about heime it sounds like emma and him have a thing???
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On March 26th, 2006 10:39 am (UTC), team_blemda replied:
emma + hemi = just met friends... both happened to be single... remained just met friends... nothing else, even if he is quite a looker ;P
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