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i woke up this morning going wtf?!?!?!?!? i'd just had the weirdest…

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i woke up this morning going wtf?!?!?!?!? i'd just had the weirdest dream ever...kinky....and very very strange. and when i woke up, the front of the roof of my mouth was all sore...weird...

melissah (who not suprisingly was involved, as i'd just spent the 7 hours before going to bed in the company of), connie, some other randoms who i knew but can't recall now, and i were all in a class - a blowjob class. and our teachers were...ashley and kelly!!! well, its not suprising kelly was in it either, as we were hanging out together a bit last night too. but ashley and kelly are the last people in the world i would have expected to be walking around amongst us saying "less teeth", or "open the back of your throat"!!! i mean ashley and kelly may be nearly 20, but still, they're not exactly the type you expect to be running a blowjob class!!!

anyway, another weird subconscious thing. our test subjects were all protectors of mine from concerts - the nice guys who protected me in moshes. nice random, one-night friends (not that kindof friends - well, MOSTLY not that kindof friends). these guys helped me and looked out for me for nothing in return - maybe this is a karmic payback? how...strange. i think my subconscious is telling me to go out and get some action. hmmm....

im not going to be able to look at kelly and ashley the same tho...
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On February 26th, 2006 04:22 am (UTC), gus1001 commented:
that is soooo weird...that is scary.
sometimes you incorperate ur surroundings into ur dreams, that sounds sus....hehe i am bored shitless doing a drama assignmenent
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